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Hello everyone, I just wanted to drop in and do something to make me vaguely resemble an actual mod, so I've worked up some basic FAQs. These are espically important considering how many new members we have in recent months!! (Cool!) There's going to be a link in the userinfo soon, being that I ever get to revamping that as I would dearly love to do. Please know, if there's anything missing (which is a very real possibility) let me know!! Not for lack of knowledge on my part, but I've spent so much time watching, learning from, and generally loving The Dudes for being awesome I've totally forgotten everything I ever took the time to learn!


Q. Who is The Lonely Island?
A. In short: Comedy trio Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone started the group in Berkely, CA in 2001. Living together after college, the childhood friends began to film and publish their video shorts, music, and other off beat humor on their website. From there they were hired on at Saturday Night Live, and have continued to garner attention for their ‘Digital Shorts’. In 2007 their first feature film Hot Rod premiered nationwide. The success of the SNL Digital Shorts lead to the group’s debut album Incredibad in February 2009. For more detailed information read up here and here.

Q. Help!! The old site is missing!! Where did it go??
A. Never fear! The classic Lonely Island site can still be found at:

Q. Who are these other people associated with The Dudes?
A. Asa Taccone (Jorm’s younger brother) often helps with the mad sweet beats for the music. Chez Tam used to be the official blogger for The Lonely Island which was later taken over by Jonah Goldstein (Joni).

Community Business

Q. Do I have to tag my posts?
A. No, you do not. However, the tags are there for a reason, so that people can easily find posts related to certain topics. It would be awesome if you tag your posts accordingly directly after posting them. However: not mandatory. :) The mods do however reserve the right to go in and tag things later on - to help with organization.

Q. A mod contacted me in regards to a problem with my post. how long do i have before my post is deleted?
A. If a mod asks you to remove something/put something under a cut/anything else of this nature, you have 24 hours to respond to it and take care of it, otherwise your post will be removed. Also: if your post is absolutely inappropriate and off-topic, it will probably be deleted right away, no warnings.

Q. I’m new, and I would like to introduce myself is there any place to do that?
A. Sure!! We’re still working on some system for this, debating back and forth between a monthly intro post for new members, and one giant post… We’ll post when we figure that out. In the mean time feel free to post and say hello! BUT For large images, please eljay cut!! Dialup is no fun. Here's how (just remove asterisks): <*lj-cut>huge picture goes here

Q. What are the rules here?
A. Nothing crazy but:
Please don't post-
-disrespectful stuff. Everyone here lives in Awesometown,and so should you.
-irrelevant stuff about how cute Seth Meyers was on SNL last night.
-we welcome any and all commenters, but as of 4/6/06, anonymous comments are screenedSo your anonymous comment will be posted if you have something constructive and/or nice to say. If you're thinking about something snarky, don't waste your energy.
-Effective 4/29/09 any posts containing file links, download links, youtube videos that nbc hasn't found and removed yet MUST be friend locked. Same for requests of files.


Q. How do I get tickets for SNL?
A. There is a ticket lottery every August, but lacking that you can go to NY to do standby. The standby line is outside 30 Rock the Friday evening before the show (some hardcore fans get there earlier) (yes me). Saturday morning, given that you haven't violated any of the rules of the line (yes there are rules, like you can't leave, you can't cut.... so on) you can either opt for a ticket to Dress Rehersal or Live Show. This is only a standby ticket!! It gives you a spot in the audience IF the people who actually have tickets don't show up. Yes there are people who don't show up, I don't understand it either, but they don't always show up. So it's not a guarantee that you'll get in however. Doing the standby line is a great chance to meet some of the cast, and generally colorful people of NYC. Again not a guarantee.

A. Calm down, fangirl. Firstly- I wish to stress that the chances of any celebrity meeting you and being swept off of their feet in the short moments you get their autograph are extraordinarily slim. Don’t get me wrong- I used to live in those sorts of fantasies, but I encourage you to not over indulge this particular corner of your imagination.

Q. No seriously I’m curious about the relationship status of the Dudes.
A. Ok, most rumors and pictures and public intrigue says that Andy is currently dating Joanna Newsom. Jorma was married in 2007 to Marielle. And unless he’s just crazy stealth Kiv seems to be unattached at the moment.

Q. Why the secrecy about Jorm’s wedding pictures?
A. Ok, there’s some debate about the wedding pictures. Yes the pictures were posted on the photographer’s public blog. We being the public are entitled to look at them and comment on how beautiful Marielle was, and how happy Jorm looked…. Etc. But please don't copy and save them- unless you personally know the couple it's just creepy. To that end, even if you do choose to save them to admire are your own leisure PLEASE don’t upload them using the LJ photo gallery tool. LJ’s server isn’t protected so the photos can be found using any number of other sites. Personally, if I did a Google search and happened to find pictures from my own special day that someone I didn’t know had posted online I’d be creeped out.

Q. Who are the mods?
A. Allow me tell you a story! Back in the day this community was created by megome looking to create a suitable forum for any and all fans of The Lonely Island to gather and share all things kablamo. A few months later argonkitten joined in on the fun. Well this was several years ago (typing that made me feel old, which is crazy, but really YEARS!!) and over that time Meg and Katie became friends (oh LiveJournal you miracle blogging network, you). A few months ago, with the newest influx of fans (welcome!!) I offered to help Meg out, keep you hooligans in line! Just kidding, ya’ll are great, but I’m an extra pair of eyes for Meg whenever she can’t get to the internets!

Q. How can I get in contact with the mods?
A. Firstly I would recommend checking out this Mod!post here where you can comment, everything is screened, and we will get back to you. Any issues, concerns, rants, embarrassing personal questions? Go there! Otherwise, at least for my part – if you want to wander over to my journal to grab my attention you can comment on one of my public posts, just remind me of what community you found me in.

This will surely be added to and amended as necessary.
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