me (a)ga(i)n (megome) wrote in thelonelyisland,
me (a)ga(i)n

mod post

Please direct any questions, comments, concerns, etc. to this post, please. They will be read by me, and considered for future actions. Or, if you need to drop me a line, please do so here. Comments are screened, so I will also need you to tell me how to get back to you (whether I need to email you, or leave a comment in your own journal, or even reply to comment here, if it is okay to do so).

If I reply to your comment here, the comment will become unscreened/available for everyone to read. If I reply I will promptly re-screen the comments. I will be deleting threads from here as I see fit, just to keep the post clean of any erroneous issues.

Anonymous comments are allowed, but please post under your lj name if you have one.

Tags: mod post
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